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Say goodbye to your pencil-thin brows - the bushy brows are back. While those who hate plucking can rejoice in the tweezer-free trend, there’s one tiny problem: Growing out your brows can be a total pain, especially if you’re not naturally blessed with the fuller hair look.

For most people, simply using an eyebrow pencil to fill in those hairless areas can do the trick and create the thicker eyebrow look. But what if you don’t want to be spending the extra time getting ready every day?

What is Microblading?

Think of microblading as a tattoo, but not as deep. The brow artist uses a pen-like tool outfitted with seven to 16 (or more) micro-needles in various configurations. Microneedles are so tiny that they can’t be seen in detail by the naked eye, so they can realistically mimic real brow hairs with the thin strokes. 

Microblading artists begin each appointment measuring and sketching out the placement of the eyebrows. Measuring brow placement is a multi-step process. The starting point, arch, and ending point are determined by the eye shape. The artist sketches out the full brow with the appropriate thickness and arch height to give the client a good idea of what the finished brows will look like. Microshading can also be added to go over spin and between the hair strokes to visually give the dimension of natural eyebrow thickness. There are quite a few advantages of doing microblading:


Skin care after microblading is similar to tattoo care, albeit a little more intensive.
Immediately after the treatment, the pigment is quite dark and the underlying skin is red. Finally, the needles are used to incise the skin, so it's common to feel redness and tenderness right after the treatment.
About 2 hours after microblading, clean the area with a cotton swab dipped in sterile water. This way you will get rid of the excess color on your eyebrows.This also keeps the area sterile.
It takes 7-14 days for the skin to appear healed and for the pigment to reach the desired shade.

Here are some tips and tricks on caring for your microbladed eyebrows:

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