Segreto's Basic Facial

Pricing : R200 

Hydrating facial treatment will help nourish and reinvigorate the layers of your skin that have become dehydrated, dry, and flaky. Our hydrating spa facial promotes renewal and healing through skin exfoliation. This means that the top layer of old, dead skin will be gently removed from your face to reveal youthful, vibrant, and hydrated skin underneath.

Our hydrating facial treatment is designed to nourish your skin on a deeper level. By promoting exfoliation, our hydrating facial helps to provide long lasting results that will only improve with additional treatments. Once the top layer of debris and dead skin cells is removed, the exfoliation process helps stimulate new skin cells, revealing beautiful, young-looking skin. A hydrating facial can help:

Our hydrating facial treatment works by applying a luxurious mask of natural ingredients to your face. The process is not painful and does not feel uncomfortable. After the designated time has passed, we simply wash off the mask and leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Reinvigorate your skin and achieve a natural youthful glow with the help of our hydrating facial treatment. 

The 5 best benefits of hydrating facials:

  1. Get the glow along with good blood circulation – Blood circulation plays a very important role in giving a glowing and flawless skin. Sometimes it’s the result of hindered blood circulation that our skin becomes dull and you might be feeling that you are wearing a tan all the time. A hydrating facial massage stimulates the skin, lots of moisture is seeped through so the skin becomes brighter.
  2. Skin is softer and suppler – The functionality of a hydrating facial is to make your skin baby soft and bouncy. It binds moisture, thus the skin looks and feels very supple and moisture is locked in the layers of the skin, there is no loss. You look younger with no flakiness and dryness. The hydrating serum does the magic; it adds a lot of radiance to your skin. The serum contains high level of nutrients in oil or cream and contains advanced formulas. It maintains the PH level of the skin.
  3. Less acne due to excess oil – Excess oil causes breakouts in any type of skin. A hydrating facial locks moisture but reduces the secretion of excess oil that could cause breakouts. A hydrating facial basically regulates the oil secretion of the skin and less of excess oil is even produced which stops acne breakouts.
  4. No irritation and itchiness – Dryness results in itchiness, skin becomes reddish and very sensitive. The surface of the skin erodes and causes lot of irritation and patches. A hydrating facial in the winters is super beneficial and even in the other months. When the facial skin is adequately hydrated, there is regeneration of cell structure and a new layer of skin is born which
  5. Better absorption – A hydrating facial makes your skin even tone and improves the texture of your skin. The pores are all clean and fresh so any skincare product used after a facial gets absorbed into the skin very easily.

Facials are not just for a day, to get the benefits you need to continue very 15 days or every month; it depends on the skin condition.

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